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Design & Installation Services

Good design that meet and exceed your clients expectations requires skill and an outstanding process.  We involve our clients throughout the entire design process.  Our process is unique for so many reasons. Here are just a few.  

We includes options like:

  • Guided nursery visits
  • Home delivered plant samples 
  • Design reviews during several steps so you have times throughout the process to make adjustments
  • Photo-scaping, a unique process of taking a photograph of the space to be improved before and we digitize your design so you can see what the end proposed result will look like
  • You will have the same person manage your design and installation all the way through your process and they will be on the job site daily to review, guide and manage

Because we also have extensive experience in the maintenance of Houston landscapes we know how to direct our clients towards designs that match their intended maintenance expectations.  We know what works in what areas of your landscape and what will thrive where.   

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