About Our Company

We are a small family owned company that is primarily managed by the two owners.  We are active daily in every aspect of the business, whether it be designing an award winning landscape or along side our team planting and serving our clients.  We service residential middle to high end homes from the Bellaire to Medical Center area.  We value our relationships with both our clients and our employees, and it is highly important to us that we are meeting both their expectations.  We have close community relationships in the areas we service and enjoy giving back to those communities.


About Our Work Environment

  • We promote a close team-focused and supportive work environment. 
  • We offer flexible scheduling for students or those wanting part-time or supplemental work. 
  • Your attitude, commitment, reliability and ability to problem solve is more important to us than your present skill level, knowledge or experience in our industry.
  • We expect respect and professionalism from both our clients and our team members.
  • Enthusiasm and a high energy level a definite plus.
  • We provide on the job training and will support any skill or knowledge base you would like to achieve in our field  as long as it meets our minimum requirements after your training period has been fulfilled.
  • You can work from 30-60 hours most work weeks provided we are aware what your weekly schedule is and what your hourly goal range is.

Positions Available - Fill out form below to apply.

Landscaping Team Leader

  • Duties to include providing basic landscaping installation requirements. Will not be expected to be knowledgeable about plants, landscape design and processes, as you will receive on the job instruction and training for this.
  • Will need to have the physical endurance to work outside and utilize basic equipment.
  • Will require good communication skills with both your manager and your team members.
  • Will require Texas Drivers License and will need to pass a drug test and back ground check.
  • Basic knowledge of the Medical Center and Bellaire areas a plus but not required.
  • Must have a history of working for another company for a minimum of 2 years that we can verify (not necessarily in the landscaping field).
  • Will discuss hourly rate or salary at interview, but pay is competitive and based on how teachable, reliable and how quickly you acquire the necessarily skills to be successful at the job.  There is an initial probationary period that once completed can lead to advancement.
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Thank you for applying with our company. We will contact you shortly and look forward to discussing the opportunities we have for you.


Lawn Care or Landscaping Team Member

  • Duties to include providing lawn care and basic maintenance under the leadership of your team leader. Will need to have the physical endurance to work outside and lift/utilize basic equipment.

  • Must be able to pass drug test and a back ground check. 

  • Bilingual a plus but not required. Must be able to speak English.  

  • Must be able to work a minimum of two days a week.  We also would be willing to take on a permanent position for Saturday's only if you are looking to supplement your income.

  • We start at 7am everyday and would need transportation everyday to and from our office.

  •  Must have a history of working for another company that we can verify (not necessarily in the lawn care field) for a minimum of 1 years.

  • Lawn care position duties is more repetitive than landscaping team position, so you may want to apply for one based on your personality preferences.

  • Hourly rate is considered highly competitive for our industry in the Houston area for both positions.





Phone No. 713.778.476

Email Us @ AustinLandscaping@AustinLandscaping.net