The Aeration Process

We follow this service with an application of 3 ammendments that maximize the lasting benefits of this service. See Aeration Special



Turf Care Services


We have extensive knowledge of St. Augustine turf as it is turf of choice for the Houston homeowner.  With the gumbo soil we live on and extreme changes in weather, it takes a good deal of experience to know what is required for healthy Houston lawn.

 We bill for this plan in next monthly billing cycle after services have been provided.  You have the option to send in a check, pay with check online, or pay with our secure online credit card service.

Turf Care Special

Got Compaction? Why Aeration? 

Turf Care Program Options

  • Quarterly Turf Care Program

  • Core Aeration Services

  • Organic Programs

  • Root Development and Stimulation

  • Herbicidal Management



Turf Care Service options

  • Pest, disease and fungal identification

  • Pest, disease, fungal treatment

  • Fertilization

  • Winterization

  • Herbicidal treatment

  • Organic applications

  • Installation

  • Root growth support services

  • Core Aeration