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If you are an existing maintenance client or have an estimate that is less than 30 days old you can order a service here.

  1. Please see original estimate for pricing of regular services, services preformed within 30 days and for important notes about pipes, cables, wires and hauling of debris.
  2. By ordering service here you are agreeing to the terms of the estimate we have provided.  If you are unclear regarding these terms, please e-mail or call us to discuss.
  3. A la carte services will be added to your monthly billing if you are a regular lawn care or monthly maintenance client.  If not, you will be billed immediately and it due upon receipt.  You can pay with credit card through a secure online bill pay link or by phone/e-mail, via Paypal link, by check over the phone or through the mail.  If you are ordering services that are estimated to be over 500.00 a deposit of 50% may be required.

Thank you for choosing Austin Landscaping to be your maintenance service provider.

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I would like to restart my lawn service
I am an existing customer who has my pricing information already. Please restart my lawn service. I understand there may be an additional clean up fee if its been a long time since the last day of service.
I would like my beds cleaned
This service is an a la carte service, not a regularly scheduled service I have preformed, and I understand that pricing varies according to how much work is involved.
I would like to pre-order my seasonal color change out
Please e-mail or call regarding a possible discount for pre-ordering. Prepayment of 50% may be required. This is the best way to make sure you are able to get the type, colors and install dates you prefer.
I would like a hedge trimming
I would like to order your Spring Turf Care package
If you are an existing client you may order this service here. We will get back to you with next available service date options and send before and after instructions as well. You will be billed for this service on your next monthly invoice.
I would like to order a gutter cleaning service
Our gutter cleaning service includes blowing roof of all leaves, cleaning gutters out of all leaves and debris and irrigation gutters to ensure all debris has been removed.
I would like to add you Quarterly Turf Care program to my regular lawn care or maintenance services.
Our quarterly turf care program follows basic care for turf health maintenance. If you have an existing disease, fungus or insect invasion, you may need subsequent applications or more specialized service to address.
My turf is having a problem that I need addressed
I would like to order my Quarterly Care Service
I would like my Crepe Myrtles to be properly trimmed
This services includes hauling and disposal of all debris
I would like my roses properly trimmed, fertilized and treated for any disease, insects or fungus they may have
This service includes proper hauling and disposal of all debris
Since the last freeze I may have had a break in my sprinkler system. Please check it for me.
If you have plants that we believe are dead or will not come back we will inform you.
I have freeze damaged plants that need to be trimmed and evaluated.
Thank you for filling out this form. This will help us serve you better.
Thank you for using the option of ordering your service online. While we want to continue to provide a personalized service experience we also recognize that folks are busy, busy and want an easy way to order these services. We welcome your feedback if this option was helpful.



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