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We offer 4 lawn care plans catered to clients budgets and expectations. Please call for more details. You will be sent a detailed lawn care plan before we begin service.
Please select a service area code below that pertains to you. With a few exceptions we usual service certain area codes on certain days of the week.
Pricing and Square footage *
Pricing is based on the square footage to be mowed, edged and debris to be blown. An average sized yard is approximately less than 5000 square feet of service area. Check here ( if you are not sure what your square footage is.
Do you have a dog we need to be concerned about when we service you?
Do you have a standard size gate we can get through with a commercial mower (36 inches)?
Are there any locked gates that will need to be unlocked on the days we are scheduled to service your yard? Is there a combination or gate code you will need to give us?
Average cost of lawn care plans *
We offer two plans, 26 and 50, that are amortized for one monthly billed amount. We no longer invoice for these plans and that can be set up on autodraft for bank or credit card draft, bank billpay or Paypal. 36 and 44 lawn care plans are billed for at the end of every service month. A payment link is provided to pay by bank draft or credit card. You can also send in checks or use Paypal for every invoice. See average cost for each plan below and select which one you prefer.
I prefer to pay... *
Let us know how you will prefer to pay. You are welcome to change your preference at any time. This just helps us know how to send over your invoices.
Cancellation Policy *
Our goal is that you are consistently happy with your lawn care service. However if you want to cancel the cancellation policy depends on which plan you are on. Please check below by your plan to let us know you understand the cancellation policy for that plan:
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Please indicate which one applies to you:
I understand... *
I understand that if my yard has not been serviced in over two weeks there may be an additional charge for the first servicing.
Please leave us any special instructions below. Thank you for trusting us with the care of your lawn. We dont always get these forms e-mailed back to us so PLEASE e-mail us at to let us know you filled this out.