Its just still too cold to effectively treat for most weeds

Did you know that most weeds have a select temperature range they can thrive in?  That's why you usually don't see the same type weeds proliferating all year.  You also can only effectively treat weeds during a certain temperature range as well.  So when you see that neighbor our there with round up spraying away right now, let him know he is just wasting spray. 

What do my plants need after the freeze has passed

After this current freeze passes, plants will need to dry out.  They will need the areas that have freeze burned trimmed away so that they can make a fresh start.  This will encourage a quicker recovery and the springing of new growth.  Most tropicals will need to be trimmed to the base.  Natives and tender foliage may not recover but you may not be able to fully know for a few weeks.  A premium fertilizer, an application of composting and a good mulching will be needed come March to encourage the quickest recovery for a full summer splendor landscape.