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Sample Estimate for Sample Plans

  •  Sample One - basic quarterly maintenance
  •    Sample Two - mid-level quarterly maintenance
  •    Sample Three - comprehensive quarterly maintenance
  •    Sample Four - comprehensive quarterly maintenance with seasonal color change outs twice per year



Quarterly Care

Quarterly Care is becoming an Austin Landscaping favorite.  This plan does not include lawn care service but is for folks who want additional help with their yard whether they are mowing it themselves and dont have time to handle anything else or another company does that does not offer professional maintenance services or have the knowledge base to properly care for Houston landscaping.  Caring for Houston landscaping requires specific knowledge of nutritional needs, trends, diseases, fungi as well as a lot of learn-as-you-go experience due to our often erradict weather changes.  We also live on gumbo soil that needs care that is not "standard" by anybody's standards in order for foliage to really thrive here, including turf. 

This plan usually includes, but is not limited or restricted to the following services and would be configured after our consultation with you:

  • Beds cleanings of weeds and debris; turned for aeration
  • Necessary nutrition and soil admenments provided
  • All required trimmings to shrubs, hedges and vines
  • Appropriate turf care service for the quarter
  • Sprayings for disease, insect and fungi prevention

Folks on this plan usually request to have some soil replenishing, mulching and seasonal annuals added twice a year in addition to their standard quarterly care plan, but it is not required to be on this plan.

We bill for this plan in next monthly billing cycle after services have been provided.  You have the option to send in a check, pay with check online, or pay with our secure online credit card service.

Quarterly Care Plan options

  • Fall/winter leaves clean up
  • Bed cleanings
  • Shrub, hedge and/or vine trimming
  • Quarterly turf care service
  • Gutter cleanings
  • Foliage fertilization
  • Seasonal annual fertilization/care
  • Pest management and prevention
  • Mulchings
  • Soil replenishing
  • Tree care
  • Seasonal Color