Communities In Bloom

It is our commitment through our business to reciprocate good will and service through our continued efforts to support the communities we work in.  We do this through numerous sponsorships, beautification projects, and by donating landscaping projects that are auctioned off at schools every year.  This is by far what we love most about our work.   We continue to meet and often supercede our 5% goal every year.  

It is our continued wish that all companies embrace this committment.  By improving the communities where businesses thrive and grow, they in turn support their own success.  Now that's a good thing for all of us!



Is easy to make a buck. Its alot harder to make a difference.
— Tom Brokaw
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You can help

Do you often get rid of plants that have over grown your landscaping, or are just looking for a new look? Are you planning to over haul your landscaping or tear down a house to build a new one?  Please consider contacting us so that we may recycle your unwanted foliage that is transplantable to a school, church or HOA/Civic Club to used in a beautification project.   


This page is still under construction so check back soon for past and coming service projects.